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Iceni Research & Development

A Powerful Force for Great Teaching in the East

Our Vision


Welcome to the website of the Iceni Teaching School Hubs' Research & Development group (formerly the Cambridge Teaching Schools Network (CTSN) Research & Development group).


Iceni Teaching School Hubs is a partnership of three Eastern Region Teaching School Hubs (Saffron, Unity, and  Cambridgeshire and Peterborough) that grew out of the Cambridge Teaching Schools Network, CTSN. The work of Iceni is about ensuring that the capacity and expertise we have across all of our partnerships are used imaginatively, efficiently and effectively to ensure that all pupils in our hub regions thrive and our schools prosper.

We believe that ambition, collaboration, accountability and trust between partners are the foundations needed to deliver success for pupils and the teaching profession. Iceni plays a strategic role in drawing together the expertise, skills and passions of our partners to achieve positive and sustained outcomes for pupils.

The ethos of Iceni, as an alliance, is a collaborative one where every member is fully committed to achieving exceptional outcomes for all pupils in our hub regions. We believe this is best achieved when early years, primary, secondary and post 16 providers work closely together with a shared understanding of their pupils. We work in open collaboration with all key partners in order to signpost and deliver the very best research-informed teacher training, leadership development and school-to-school support via the golden thread of ITT, ECT and NPQ delivery.

This strategic approach to staff development is based upon the clear understanding that MATs, schools and colleges are responsible for their own school improvement and that a model of schools working together through Teaching School Hub collaboration is the most effective way to meet our teacher and leader development KPIs.

Iceni works with honesty, integrity, selflessness and transparency and holds all of its partners and itself to account with those principles in mind. The moral imperative for the Iceni Teaching School Hubs is to ensure that powerful and impactful staff development builds leadership capacity at every level and raises standards so that:


  • Every child achieves their full potential 

  • Every child attends a great school/college 

  • Every child has the best preparation for life beyond school 

The Iceni were a significant power in Eastern Britain. Iceni Teaching School Hubs are a powerful force for great teaching in the East.

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